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A process in which anons from /b/ raid the online chatroom Habbo Hotel by blocking various sections of rooms. This practice originated during the "pool's closed" incident, in which anons dressed as black men with suits and afros blocked the entrance to a pool while saying that it was "closed due to AIDS". When the habbo mods arrived, the anons simply called /b/lackup. Also called a /b/lackade, it has been known to have saved the lives of many habbos, from AIDS and stingray related deaths. Swastigets are also performed during /b/lockades.
Habbo: "Stop blocking the pool!"
Anon1: "The pool's closed due to AIDS, we must form a /b/lockade."
Anon2: "I'm calling for /b/lackup!"
Anon3: "These mods suck lol"
by callfor/b/lackup July 28, 2010
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