(__!__) is a symbol for "fat ass".

Not to be confused with (_!_) which just means "ass".

More body part symbols include:
( . )( . ) - boobs
<=3 - dick
(I) - pussy

I like how your mom has a nice (__!__) and big ( . )( . ) yet she has both a <=3 AND a (I)!
by secret penguin ninja June 06, 2007
Top Definition
no duh!
Jess: Facebook is blue!!
Nathan: -____-
by Jiiiiiiii January 06, 2012
A face that is good for responding to peoples silly messages.
Jimmy: I forgot to buy milk.
Jane: -____-
by Sandsquiggle November 26, 2013
(__!__)Some crazy thing you have to live with. (Butt)
by mm@123 May 01, 2014

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