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band-aid, or something of that sort.
Julie: he broke my heart:(
Angie: let's use band-aids to fix it (::::)
Julie: thanks.
by stan-O-rama October 16, 2006
Symbols that spell out a BAND-AID.
(an IM conversation):
xxxPiNkDogxxx: omg rob broke up with me!
CALiCHiCkx3: aww ( : : : : ) what an asshole!
xxxPiNkDogxxx: thanks girl :(
by blondette x love March 16, 2007
a bandaid. usually used by preteens on CSS surf servers every time they get a kill.

illustrates the dangers of teaching 12 year olds the 'bind' command
annoying preteen: Ha I jUsT kIlLeD yOu!! wUd J00 lIeK a ( : : : : )

shamed css player: k.
by Caeknz July 13, 2008
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