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To avoid obligations by hiding.
To leave without permission.
To leave work early.

To avoid undesirable work.
Some one who is lazy often refered to as a shade or shader.
its sunny out but i found a whole lotta shading with you guys
by treebeardthemighty August 20, 2011
When a person is good at moving in shadows or without being noticed.
Oh shit, where he come from? That nigga shading...
by krispychickun May 20, 2015
wearing sunglasses indoors
"Why is he shading? Does he think he's Jack Nicholson?"
by klert October 03, 2015
The act of sucking semen from any human orafice, eg. anus, vagina.

It can be done with a drinking straw when semen is deep inside the rectum.

After shooting a copious load of cum up his ass, Kenny buried his face in Lenny's ass and began ferociously 'shad'ing his man love.
by Teresa Fisher November 06, 2007

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