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In another place from the one you see it, this would be written "shit".
Sadly, one of two things is currently happening:
1: The administration of the website rigidly enforces censorship by blocking entire posts, or replacing all the letters of certain words with asterisks (*). Fortunately they have not got to the concept of censoring the other ways of writing that kind of $hit.

2: The writer of the word is far too sensitive and twee to write the word "shit".

There are other examples (such as fvck, tw@, and cvnt) of legitimate alternatives to words that are commonly used to emphasize something, etc.
I am so fed up of the ******* **** attitude about censoring that Yahoo employs on its forums.

$hit, there it goes again.
#$hit #fvck #cvnt #tw@ #pu$$y
by no$hit June 03, 2010
The common "rap"isized version of the slang term for fecal matter
eat $hit
by andrew koch January 27, 2004
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