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When you are looking to buy a vico (vicodin) and an individual (dealer) tries to hustle you into buying a unknown pill, which is allegedly better then a vico for $20 dollars!!!!
This individual will continue to tax you, even thought they were once your boyyyy...

You keep telling yourself there only tripping because the rescission

when in fact they be tripping on some whole nother other shitt trying to sell you ONE pill for $20
Custo: Let me get a vico
Dealer: Ight I gottch you, $20 a pop
Custo: Ahhh hell nahh whatcha mean?!?
Dealer: There 1000mgs, there better then vicos
Custo: Nah Nah Nah that cant go down $20 a pill shitttt
Dealer: Ight how about $15?
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