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When a broke ass nigga think he is rich just because he got a hundred-dollar bill which he only gets once every blue moon. He typically shows it off on massively public areas and sites such as facebook and youtube and tells everyone how "rich" he is which some people may actually believe. The amount-specified term is derived from the instance where you have at least one of every piece of major United States currency bills and coins (100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, quarter, dime, nickel, penny) the culprit will likely include most or all of these when he's showing off his little amount of money (which he will use to cake or spend on a bitch or buy something that can be easily took, like a gold chain or a platinum watch.)
I couldn't believe dis nigga said he got gwap so i had to see it to believe it. A hundred-dollar bill covering over all dem singles, and he think he ballin. Dog get yourself some gucci shoes first then come back to me, you $186.41 ass nigga.
by ogdajuiceman June 30, 2010
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