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Where dumb 12 year old girls cut their wrist for Justin Bieber
Girl 1 " #cutforbieber WOOOO "
Girl 2 "Lets cut our wrist! "
Girl 1 "OK!"
by ThatFatGuyJoe January 07, 2013
Social Darwinism at its best.

Girls cut themselves to try and stop Justin Bieber smoking weed.

Marijuana is in fact less harmful than Alcohol and Tobacco.
Bieber Fangirl: Oh no, if Bieber keeps smoking joints he is going to die from a weed overdose, better sever my veins and arteries and post them on twitter while I bleed to death! #cutforbieber.

Everyone with a shred of musical taste: Hooray!
by SocialDarwinismAtItsBest February 03, 2013