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This is an acronym for relates to my life.

When you post something on twitter or somewhere else that means nothing to no one, but has a world of meaning to yourself one find themselves adding this to let others know its not some little pointless saying. It's something thats true and deep to your heart.

It can link to a quote, story, picture, pretty much anything that means something to the user.
"Now you have something to fix" #RTML

While watching Lost Season 3 Episode 1. Jack has a flashback on his life, on the day he pushes his dad thinking that he is the one Sarah is leaving him for. Jack ends up in jail, and Sarah comes to bail him out. Jack is persist on knowing who she left him for. Sarah is in tears and is trying to run away because Jack is not the same person he was when they met, and her last words to him are, "Now you have something to fix." This relates to me, in so many different ways, but I'm not here to write a novel. So I'll leave it to that.
#fml #mlia #impacting #relating #relates #to #my #life #relates to my life #my life
by Some Guy with Wisdom May 08, 2010
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