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A person that gives unwanted and unsolicited advice while he watches others play a game he is highly proficient at.

Coined by Egoraptor of Game Grumps when playing Super Smash Bros, warning his viewers that he was only playing for fun, and that savvy players should avoid microscopic critique of his play in the comments section. It happened anyway.
Player 1: (Makes a common mistake)
"Shoulda Rolled" Guy: "You should've rolled."
Player 1: "Shut the fuck up and let me play."

Egoraptor: "He had this whole essay of advice and even offered to train me."
JonTron: "Wait, seriously!?"
Egoraptor: "Ugh, I just KNEW there was gonna be one of those people, a fucking 'Shoulda Rolled' guy."
by Vid-szhite May 18, 2014
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