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A vicious operation in the world sexual positions.
Lay the girl on her back, legs together and "lift" the legs upward. Pillow under the lower back for extra minge height!
Legs held with one arm, while the free hand removes the skimps and "Stuff's" them in her mouth. Cock in and your away...So to speak.... Hence the 'Lift and Stuff'!!
Good position if the parents are in the next room.!!!

Also know as 'The Tale of the Ostrich'
Tom..'If it was me I'd have given her the The PD Gay "Lift and Stuff"?!

PD Gay..'I gave her the "LIFT" but couldn't perform the "STUFF" due to the size of her under-crackers'!!!
by The notorious B.A.Z. January 31, 2008
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