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Often used as dialogue to mean a form of great shock/surprise.
"Honey, I'm really a man."

Well the example being too short really ruined that one.
by lazirus July 06, 2004
149 67
Also a California indie rock band that formed in 1996 after the demise of the mid-90s hardcore act Yah Mos. The name of the band can be pronounced by repeating any one-syllable percussive sound three times (e.g., "chk chk chk").
How the hell am I going to ask the clerk if they have any of !!!'s CDs?
by Athena Kay August 11, 2004
301 79
Like !, but three times more exciting
I'm going to the beach!

I'm going to the beach with Kayla!!

I'm going to the beach and sleeping in the same bedroom as Kayla!!!
by Izzy Lecours March 25, 2008
65 31
Net speak for un-fucking-believable.
09:59 Joseph: cool
10:00 Dave: not cool
10:00 Dave: f'n amazing
10:00 Dave: !!!
by d7urn3r2 March 04, 2008
28 26
Taken from a section of an old african language. Is a clicking sound made with the mouth. Also the name of a english band. Can be spelled (chk, chk, chk)
Englishman: Hello friends
African: blubba, blubba chk, chk, chk (!!!)
by _Rabbi_ July 10, 2008
22 39