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The effect that makes everything taste disgusting after you brush your teeth.
Augh! This orange juice tastes horrible, thanks to that gosh-darned toothpaste hangover!
by Nick Andopolis June 14, 2011
The effect on you after you brush your teeth, and food and drinks taste disgusting.
Can we eat as soon as my toothpaste hangover goes away?
by Cummy worm July 02, 2011
Wheere you eat toothpaste (a lot) so you know you are basically drunk
Hey man I am having a toothpaste hangover
by Youarebobcum March 09, 2016
a toothpaste hangover is when you just brushed your teeth and then you go and have some food/drink and it taste horrible b/c of the toothpaste.
aww man i got a damn "toothpaste hangover"
by heartbroken13 July 13, 2011
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