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The term for gay couples to become engaged or plan on becoming married.
Did you hear the news? Paul and Tom got engayed. I can't wait for their wedding!
by Dan A. Root March 05, 2006
when you are engaged to a person of the same sex as you. gay
Joe: "Oh my god! I didn't know you were engayed to Tom!"

Billy: "Yeah, I asked him just last week. Isn't it exciting!"
by Winterset GSA November 15, 2007
When two gay people become engaged.
Did you hear that Danielle and Alexandria became engayed the other day?
by hag111 July 26, 2009
its like engaged only between 2 homosexuals
"Hey how is your relationship with Pierre going?"
"We got engayed last night"
by rawwwwwwrgan September 17, 2009
It's when a gay person is engaged to another homo but cannot get the get engayed.
"OMG me and tom are getting ENGAYED!!!!"

*gay two hand wave*
by fucknugget144 January 20, 2011
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