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The area of accumulated snow on top of your vehicle (usually a truck or SUV) that you can't quite reach to sweep off, which resembles a mohawk.
I warmed the truck up & brushed it off, but I couldn't get the whole top - so we have a snowhawk.
by topseyturvey February 02, 2006
A day characterized by rain and sun at the same time.
It's raining and it's sunny out...it must be a monkey's birthday!
by Joshua Rubin October 12, 2007
A day characterized by rain and sun at the same time.
It's raining and it's sunny out; it must be a monkey's birthday!
by Forty-n-Eight November 15, 2007
Weather that is very cold.
A chicago night in January is death cold.
by Peter Laurence Harris December 16, 2007
when a large measure of snow is predicted, causing mass hysteria and empty grocery store shelves...only to wake up to a sunny day

more common in southern municipalities
hey, i just got in...i heard you guys got snowed in over there in raleigh

nah...WE GOT FISHELED AGAIN! i'll talk to you later, i need to go mow my lawn...
by amac884 January 20, 2008
random weather patterns. makeing meteorology nearly imposible
if you can acuratly predict ohio's weather you are either God himself, or Satan
by Kentro April 14, 2008
Everyones favorite month!!

playing in the snow
snuggling by the fire,
and having excuse for ur penis looking so small.
January: Cold weather shrinks ur junk.

by jimmeny hensworth August 25, 2008
Intense, "the sky is falling" reaction to predictions of a winter storm, frequently used in areas not accustomed to snow.
"Stay tuned for more details and what to expect from Seattle Snowpocalypse '08."
by The Gidge December 20, 2008
A badass who wears shorts all year round. Even when the weather drops to drastic tempuratures like -35 degrees, this badass can be seen braving the cold in his jean shorts.
"Look at that kid in jean shorts, doesn't know it is cold out. He must be one big badass named Arik."
by soothsayer567 January 19, 2009
Combination of snow and ice.
Man, the dog just came in covered in snice. Awesome!
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa January 09, 2011