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A rapper who is actually a Pokemon, hence the reason he can only say "Mike Jones!"

He also appartently is very fond of the car brand Volvo
Ash:*throws Pokeball*GO MIKE JONES GO!!!!!
by ~PrObL3M ChiLd~ October 24, 2006
A rapper who is very talented, yet horribly overrated.He doesnt even make the top 10, barely making the top 25.Hes w/o a doubt NOT the best rapper ever, not even close.However, he's still talented, and has some amazing tracks like Dead Presidents II, and 99 Problems.However, he also has tons of commercial trash.

However, he is also probably the smartest rapper alive

After getting murdered by NaS, Jay saw he was losing miserably in their beef.So how does the dude come back on top?He gets control over Def Jam, signs NaS, and then keeps pushing back Nasir's CD untill Jay is ready to drop his right around the same time, yet push his own CD on advertisements much much much more, so he still ends up selling more and it looks like he beat NaS.Then he signs a horrible rapper, Young Jeezy, who is somehow insanely popular, and puts his CD coming out RIGHT around NaS's CD so it looks like some whack dude outsold Nasir, and then Jay can really show people that he beat NaS that bad.That was a dirty, slick, and ingenius move.I gotta give him props for that one.

However, hes run Def Jam to the ground, and gives no others in Def Jam advertisement.
Jay-z is a talented rapper but the most overrated rapper alive.
by ~PrObL3M ChiLd~ October 24, 2006
1)adj.To be crazy and drunk at the same time

2)n.Ahorrible genre of rap that is slaughtering the music.
1)Ieunus:Man I was crunk at the party last night!
Martin:Word man!
Ieunus:Yeah L-O-L
Martin:Hahaha man you are soo gangsta now!

2)Melvin:Did you hear that new dope crunk song?
Big Poppa:Shit no, kid fuckouttahere
by ~PrObL3M ChiLd~ October 24, 2006

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