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Noun : The substance that a hideously large number of Catholic clergy must wipe off their genitals prior to blessing the holy water.popefilthyVaticanholy water
Good afternoon, Father. Do you smell baby poop?
by ~GAWD~ September 26, 2010
Attending only gay bar located in Pueblo,Colorado. This bar can be refereed to as "The Stink" due to the terrible sewer backup problem as well as the disgusting sexual behavior that happens in the bathrooms. It is a gathering place for all manner of gay trolls, many of whom have halitosis and dress as clowns (in drag) while lip sinking to Lady Caca songs. All of the patrons are alcoholic, drug abusers that spend at least sixty percent of their 10-17 thousand dollar gross annual incomes on getting stupid drunk at the glow and glitter parties. Pissant Cove'n it is the primary reason that all homosexuals aspire to MOVE AWAY from Pueblo.
Ewww , Gurl!!! Are you serious ? Do we have to go Pissant Cove'n it again?

Oh , look at that clown. What is he wearing? He is diffidently Pissant Cove'n it tonight.

tired troll pissant pueblo tribal titties lick a lot o puss
by ~GAWD~ August 01, 2011

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