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Someone who wears supah t1t3 j34nz, who has very high self esteem, someone who thinks that they're the shit. Very gorgeous people, usually seen with piercings, coontails, hk, and jesus bracelets. Most often have a myspace with a high amout of friends. They also have a gay name that amlost everyone has like: Kelsey Killa or something in that matter.
c4ln m4$cr, lyk we talked once and i waz so happy!!!! i waz like ZOMG shes sucha sc3n3 b34n! she waz at dah show, and she waz wearin diz shirt i have and i waz like I HAVE DAT SHIRT and she waz like ummm wattt? and i waz like um you heard me, and dat hoe shot me up, i waz like OHHELLZ NAH and lyk my bee eff eff ell lisa breakdown pulled out a knife, but lyk some ho named kyli3 f3r sh3r, shot eerone down and i waz lyk WHATEVZZ and left.
#scene #scenester #scene bean #callan #kylie
by zomg m4$cr3 March 30, 2008
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