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Music made by the stupid for the stupid, unfortunately very popular in Bulgaria. The music is mostly stolen from Serbian, Greek or Turkish songs, with just the lyrics changed.

The "performers", if you could even call them that, usually have huge fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair extensions, layers of make up and are really just high class whores for the producers, the "mutri" (mafia) and just about anyone else. The men look like pimps or drag queens.

Female chalga fans a.k.a. "chalgarki" typically wear slutty, cheap clothes, usually fake designer. The male fans- "chalgari" must look and act like dumb, "macho" guys or pimps at all times. (to demonstrate that they're straight).
Generally the fan base consists of peasants, gypsies, "mutri" (gangstas), truck/taxi drivers, dumb slutty girls and general low lives.

Usually chalga is hated by anyone with an ounce of intelligence. It's the equivalent to trashy rap/R n B/hip hop in the Western world. People who listen to chalga too much invariably become brainwashed and start to believe that easy money, sleazy underage sex and expensive cars are the essence of happiness. Such people are to be avoided at all costs if one wishes to remain sane.
vulgar, stupid ass chalga lyrics that nearly every Bulgarian has been subjected to at some stage in their life:

"...yo bro, enough of that heavy metal, giss some chalga...."

*cue gypsy music and fat middle aged men singing: "oooh tiger, tiger, if you have money... hot women...ooh tiger tiger, if you have no money... old grannies "

"the handle, the handle, how it went in, the handle"

"The Black Sea, it's very good, at the sea there's a hole, chaka raka dei"

"A red Ferrari, one for you, one for me"

"I quickly put in your mouth...those rude words...are we gonna do it, shai lai lai, show me how you like it..."
by zepp_fan August 27, 2011

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