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Combination of charro and astral coming from the magical universe of Julio Zapata and Tenoch Iturbide, or better called "Charolastras" in Carlos Cuaron's forth movie: Y tu Mama Tambien.

With charolastra brotherhood come greatest powers and principles that must be followed by word according to sacrosanct manifesto>>>

1. There is no greater honor than being a Charolastra.

2. Do whatever you feel like.

3. Pop beats poetry.

4. Get high at least once a day.

5. You shall not screw another Charolastra’s girl.

6. Whoever likes Team America is a fag.

7. Whacking off rules.

8. Never marry a virgin.

9. Whoever roots for Team America… (it’s worth repeating)

10. Truth is cool, but unattainable.

11. The asshole who breaks any of the previous rules loses his title of “Charolastra.”
What's up charolastra?

Not much charolastra? hey, dont it smell like bread here?

Puta you fucking hog, you are freaking disgusting motherfucker, fuck off here!
by zed Conte April 01, 2010

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