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1 definition by zack digiallonardo

a women is a human being of the female sex.

the women usually demand special treatment from men

they usually cant; make up their mind, be nice, be loving, or show any affection whatsoever.
they tend to pretend they love you, then rip your heart out of your hurts belive me.....
they also tend to seduce you with their looks, and goldigg off you....they always want the most expensive shit, even if they arent going to use/wear it...

they are angels on the outside, but usuall demons on the usually think they have the found one women they truly want to be with, then they end up dumping them after 6 weeks and 4 days...they want all the attntion and are always willing to take the spotlight
zack:god sean women...women these days breh...

sean:i know breh....
by zack digiallonardo July 10, 2008
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