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the greatest thing ever invented. all skaters are not dilenquents. all skaters do not smoke wee dal dday. skaters i think are the most judged by the world around us. we can barely do our thing without being yelled at by people or getting dirty looks. i hate it when they block off curbs and sh1t. aweeee am i gonna scrath the ground? f that. seriosuly, all you people who hate skateing, why are looking at this and calling it gay? i bet you cant even stand on a board, i mean seriously, i dont bmx and i can bunny hop? wtf. you guys cant do anything about us skaters. if anyone tries to stop us, we will unite and crush all of you. and anyone who thinks skateing is for fame, money, and women, your a poser and you should not be skateing. and all you bmxers suck. you should not make fun of skateing. skaters dont all listen to screamo death metal. skateing is a way of life. we dont hate on yours, so why do you hate on ours? skaters never bothered anyone until tony hawk became popular. the only reason some people know of skateing are those gay tony hawk games. skaters should be aloud to skate anywhere we want. and even if were not we will do it anyone. because we are BRAVE AND DONT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. which is what everyone else should be like. SKATE OR DIE.
ollie wood pushing kickflip skateboarding
by z3r0ordi3 April 10, 2009

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