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a NON offensive terms used to describe a person that is half white, half black. Mulattos are obbsessed with identity, and mulatto is the perfect word for identifying a mixed person. Where I'm from, me and all of my mulatto friends embrace the word, and rep mulatto to the fullest. We can't say that we black, we can't say that we white, and every other word for mulatto sounds retarded, like "mixed," "bi-racial," or "multi-cultural."
My mom is black, my dad is white, and I am mulatto. But when I fill out an application, I have to check "other."
#black and white #beautiful #mixed #curly hair #light skin #both worlds
by yurilynsky16 April 30, 2008
It's not THAT bad! akron is a good place to grow up at. It's not too big, but niether too small. Still, it seems like everybody knows everybody and there's a lot of drama, but the people are friendly and it feels good to know people wherever you go. There's not much to do though, so sometimes that can get kids into trouble. It has some really nice neighborhoods, but it got it's little "hoods" too. I guess it's fun for it's size, plus you right by cleveland.
if you live in akron all your life, your gonna hate it, but if you move away, your gonna miss it.
#crazy #drama #small #friendly #pretty and dirty
by yurilynsky16 April 30, 2008
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