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a gang, they dress to tha left, they keep it locked wit the 5 point star, dress in red, and tha word slob iz disrespect too a blood, and have our own blood alphabet,
bloods originated in comptan, Cali, although the blood set iz smaller group then tha crabbz the bloodz are poteially dangerous, particularly when present in any number

5 poppin 6 droppin
5 poppin, 6 droppin,
5 bangin, 6 hangin
5 PiMpIn, 6 be limpin
5 to tha sky, 6 MuSt Di3,
S33 @ CR!P, l{!LL @ CR!P 3N W@TCH M@ F@V0R!T C0L0R l)R!P,
by yowifey14 September 23, 2006
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