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A person who is a faggot but at the same time a bitch. Usually a person being a real jackass, being gay, or just plain annoying the hell out of you; and when you say something all they do is bitch about it for a real long time.
bob: Yo joe is being a real faggot bitch!
Joe: Dont call me a faggot bitch!
Jack: Dude shut up you started it.
Joe: Dont call me a faggot bitch man! Thats all you ever say dont you have any real insults!
Bob: Ok forget it.
Jack: Yeah, this is stupid.
Joe (stimm bitching about stuff): All you guys say " oh joe is a faggot bitch", "What a faggot bitch","Man joes being a faggot bitch today!"
(Never ends because joe is a faggot whos bitching)
(abodoro you a little faggot ass bitch.)
by yourmexifriend December 25, 2009
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