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the best juniors clothing store ever. the atmosphere when you go into the store is really relaxing. although it is owned by abercrombie and fitch all of the prices there are at least half the price. if you think hollister is expensive then you must be poor. it is not just on the west coast. it is also in new england and scattered around the rest of the U.S. i live in silver spring, md and there is one less than 5 minutes away. hollister is a great place to work because you get to wear the clothes while getting paid. the shirts have the cutest slogans on them. the jeans might have holes in them but for all of you that dont have any taste in style (goths etc.) that is in style unlike the crap you are wearing and not all of the jeans have holes. so if you were inteligent enough to read what i just wrote you should be able to realize that hollister is a great store all together.
i just got back from hollister and i just bought two shirts $10 each and a skirt $20. and i got gifts certificates for my friends because they like hollister too.
by youre a retard June 01, 2005

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