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A popular clothing store among many teenagers and young adults, Abercrombie & Fitch have popularized many trends such as pre-ripped jeans and popped collars. While not being the most original clothing line, Abercrombie targets a young audience and does not have to ride the coat-tails of a particular music genre or lifestyle to make its money.

While being look at as the cocky jocks and the airhead cheerleaders, the truth is that Abercrombie wearers are predominately the more popular and attractive section of the 15-21 population.

Abercrombie skeptics are usually people that fall into the "scene" cliche` where they act like they are so originial, regardless of the fact they too wear pre-ripped jeans and popped collars from other stores while fashioning themselves in tattoos of obscure cartoons and spiders. These individuals are the same ones who were the shit-heads in high school who barely graduated and now work at your town gas station.

Most of these haters are emo jerkoffs and skaters who will complain about the price of this clothing and then will go and buy a pair of woman's jeans. Merely a sense of sour grapes, they will say the kids must be rich and spoiled to wear these clothes, when in fact, maybe they have jobs and don't waste their cash on reefer and new trucks for their skateboards.
Emo kid 1: "Man, 'jocks' and 'Abercrombie-fags' are so gay...."
Emo kid 2:" Sometimes I cut myself so I can truely feel pain..."
Emo kid 3:"Let's go skateboard or hackey-sack and be Xtreme!"

Yes....extremely gay

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