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1. A popular R&B singer/dancer/songwriter born May 5, 1989 in Tappahannock, VA. Known for his chart topping hits Run It, Kiss Kiss, With You, Take You Down, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Gimme That, Turntables by Ciara and Forever.

2. A talented singer/dancer who is currently being blasted and constantly hated on for alleged charges that have no standing ground because all evidence supposedly found has failed to be presented to the defense since said "evidence" came up, including a certain leaked photo. Not suspicious at all.
Girl: OMG I love that new song "Turntables"
with Chris Brown on Ciara's album!

Girl #2: I know! Even though it has a bit too much going on in the back.
by young_1 May 09, 2009

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