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Publix is a Supermarket controlled by malicious, high school degree-bearing managers and their 8th grade graduate assistants. Focusing on customer service, sincere workmanship, and a happy fucking omnipresent smile , Publix is the epitome of the communist crown. While proclaiming to go to any lengths to protect their associates or assist a customer, managers smile deviantly behind their coke-bottle glasses, knowledgeable to the fact that they'll rake in the cash for a "deed" completed, while in actuality completing nothing.Periodically, a monstrous quarter raise is awarded to the prick with unwavering slavery and solitude to the institution. Thus, next time you walk into your local Publix,take satisfaction in your surroundings. Indulge yourself in the fact that you have entered an establishment where a high school degree reigns supreme to a four year degree;where a disabled individual with Turet's probably makes more than you, and where rabid managers exploit their associates and their dignity to thieve you of your very last penny.
I was at Publix last night buying Trojans, and the manager approached me and requested I take off my pants. I complied, and received a coupon for a blowjob from an autistic bagger.
by you_wishunew July 10, 2008

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