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1 definition by you-know-you-love-me

1)A nice girl, that at the same time is extremely good-looking.

2)Always dresses up fashionably and everyone around is jealous of her beautiful hair.

3)Also, Michelle's are very athletic-they succeed in most sports they try. In addition they are flirtatious and Having astounding sex appeal by nature. The song Sexy-Chick by Akon relates to Michelle.

4)Michelle's are super good when it comes to sex and they never try to get all the boys-they just get them!

5) You will notice that Michelle's are a bit crazy and they are always in the centre of the attention!

6) Sometimes they are sluts

7) They are very smart
Boy 1: Damn! Have you seen that girl?

Boy 2: Michelle?
Boy 1: Yea, she's perfection

Guy 1: Michelle is the girl i want she is both good-looking and sexy. Yet, a bit crazy

Have you seen her ass? Her name is definitely Michelle.
by you-know-you-love-me March 13, 2010