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There are many different types of people in this world and maybe you have been hurt by them but have you not hurt anybody yourself? I dont think anyone can say that they haven't. People make mistakes but instead of ridiculing them or writing awful things about them think about how you can help them or be a friend to them. I know that every single person in the world makes atleast one mistake if not more, so i dont understand how you can say these things about people when you are just a hypocrite and do the same thing. I know its hard to see that you are just as mean in different ways but you need to understand that you most likely hurt people just as much. These girls deserve respect even if they are mean, but no one deserves to be called what you have called them and no one deserves to be treated this way. think about how you would feel if you saw someone write this about you. Next time just think before you say/write about other people. Thanks
I hope you girls can think about what you have done, calling people fc sluts is very disrespectful.

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