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n. 1) one who enjoys the company of snakes; 2) one who has developed a black, loveless soul over time; 3) one convinced of his own self-worth; 4) one lacking in the ability to relate to others; 5) destroyer of worlds; 6) one who feeds on the dependence of others, yet offers nothing in return; 7) one unjustifiably convinced of his own cleverness; 8) one with few redeeming qualities; 9) a cocky douchebag; 10) one who thinks it is okay to wear/regularly wears navy blue, brown, and black clothing, all at the same time.
"I ran into Voldemort the other day and his long, awkward hug suffocated my will to live."
"Don't worry, you're not the first."
"Yeah, that happened to me too."
"And me."
"Yep, me too."
"It happens to the best of us."

"Hey, how about we pool our money and send Voldemort to therapy?"
"Let's give it to his latest victim instead."
by you are a May 08, 2006

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