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Bright Eyes are a BAND, from Omaha, Nebraska. Many people think that "Bright Eyes" refers only to the frontman, Conor Oberst. Although he is the only permanent member of the band, he is not "Bright Eyes". He and the other musicians performing on his records are "Bright Eyes". Producer and multi instrumentalist Mike Mogis is also sometimes considered to be a part of Bright Eyes.

Conor Oberst writes music which captivates a large number of contemporary teenagers. He writes of depressing events in his life which are often not true. He believes that his own real personal details are irrelevant and distracts fans with exaggerated fictional biographical events such as his mother drowning one of his brothers in a bathtub each year for a period of a few years, who were all named "Padraic".

Some of the references made to his life, however, seem to be vaguely based on the truth. He makes frequent references to problems with drinking and is often drunk when performing on stage.

Conor also has written a few politically driven songs. The most notable of which being the sarcastic "When The President Talks To God". However, he is rumoured to be moving away from such subjects for his forthcoming album, scheduled for early 2007.

He is also the epitome of non-conformity. He refuses to play shows in which the corporation "Clear Channel" are involved and refuses to sign to any major labels, staying with his current label, Saddle Creek, which he founded himself in his hometown.

A lot of Bright Eyes fans are obsessed with his most "emo" songs, such as "Lover I Don't Have To Love" and have no interest in his songs which tilt more in the folk direction, i.e. "Waste Of Paint". These fans are often "Scene Kids" attempting to look cool. However, Bright Eyes do have a large base of genuine fans.
1. Bright Eyes is so hot.

2. Song - "An Attempt To Tip The Scales". This is scripted and not actually Conor's voice.

3. Song - "Hit The Switch"

4. Song - "When The President Talks To God". (Not recorded in a studio. However, a live version is available on "Motion Sickness (Live Recordings)")

5. Many a show has been cancelled due to Conor's hatred of Clear Channel, much to the disappointment of hundreds of fans, but shows are usually re-scheduled to other venues.

by you'renotabrighteyesfan July 18, 2006
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