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a large, useless girl that adds nothing to the conversation and is used for sex by an equally useless friend. see also: repugnantly pudgy
Hey, is Sean going to bring his lump over tonight? Doesn't he realize that girl is repugnantly pudgy?
by yo ma March 07, 2003
A bald dumbass who actions and physical appearance warrent no other name. I.E. the kind of guy who buys used brake pads off of Ebay.
Why do we hang out with this guy? He's a god damn tubby bitch! Is he trying to unlock the safety chain from OUTSIDE the door again?!
by yo ma March 07, 2003
Pepe Lopex is not a poop moustache. It is when a man and woman have anal sex and there is so much poop on the man's dick he gives her a full beard.
Will and Kelly had anal sex for so long, Will's dick was covered with poo and her a full Pepe Lopez.
by Yo Ma April 20, 2005
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