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From "feis kontrol", a Russian klub colloquialism of the English words "face control." Your "face" is your level of wealth, beauty, power, social standing, and overall desirability.

Feis kontrol is the power of the velvet rope, originally referring to the surly bouncers at the most exclusive Moscow klubs. It can literally refer to club door personnel, or it can be used figuratively to refer to some ideal social arbiter.
"I'd love to go to (exclusive club), but I'd never pass face control there."

"What is she doing here? Someone call face control!"
by yieldingcsf September 26, 2009
A "revolution", usually led by elderly conservatives, aimed backwards in time toward the restoration of some idealized period in the past, often the 1950s.

Retrolution (retro-revolution) is a right wing reaction against modern society and politics. Retrolutionists often scream about "Taking the country back" from the liberal, progressive left wing of politics. What they mean is both "taking the country back" physically, as well as "taking the country back" in time, usually to the time of their own youth.

The underlying causes of the retrolutionary spirit are the fear of old age and death, moral disapproval based on resentment, and hatred and envy towards "immoral" young people.
"The Tea Party movement is part of the exciting GOP Retrolution."

"Some would argue that the Bush administration was even more retrolutionary than the Reagan administration."

"Beck and Palin are powerful retrolutionary leaders."
by yieldingcsf March 03, 2010
Russian colloquialism for the English "face control."

Feis kontrol is the power wielded by discriminating bouncers at the most exclusive Moscow clubs. Lower class clubs may have little or no feis kontrol.

"How on earth did he get past feis kontrol?"

"I hate (exclusive club). Their feis kontrol is always on amber."
by yieldingcsf September 26, 2009
An open-palmed slap or blow.
"My girlfriend was freaking out so I had to give her a quick pat on the cheek to shut her up."

"That woman needs to give her brat a quick pat on the butt."

"I didn't HIT her, it was just a quick pat."
by yieldingcsf April 17, 2010
When you get a banana for yourself, you have to offer to get one for any other member of the tribe who happens to be in your general vicinity.

Violation of banana etiquette was part of the reason James got voted off at Tribal Council on Survivor (March 2010).

James also violated banana etiquette by taking several bananas for himself at once. So he failed to offer fellow tribe mates a banana AND took more than his fair share.

Always remember that poor banana etiquette might get you voted off the island.
"Leona totally violated banana etiquette with those donuts in the breakroom. She didn't tell anyone they were there and scarfed down three before lunch!"

"Leona, bring me your torch. The tribe has spoken!"
by yieldingcsf April 04, 2010
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