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When you're the opposite of high, or you're pretending to not be high, but really, you are.
It started as a popular term for teenagers by teenagers, but was later adopted by the marijuana users of older generations.(Try to figure that out when you're ripped out of your skull)
-In England--Two gentlemen wearing silk robes, real fur slippers, sitting on two leather chairs, beside a roaring fireplace with whiskey in one hand, and someone (possibly) has a bong begin to speak-
Huxtable:"My word, Albanius, is it unreasonable to suggest that our names are rather peculiar and contain some elements of "bad-assery"?
Albanius Abbot: "I highly disagree, Huxtable. Our names seem quite ordinary in my opinion. Are you perhaps "stoned" oh kind sir?
Huxtable:"Quite the opposite. I am a fossil".

(Next Situation)
-A police man pulls over a beautiful woman, and they are both out of the car-
P.O.: excuse me ma'am, are you under the influence of marijuana"?
Woman: Why no officer, i 'm a fossil
P.O.: Are you sure ma'am, because you smell like it
Woman: Well then, I guess we're going to have to take these clothes off. Together.
(Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Best. Sex . Ever)
by yhzgo May 06, 2012
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