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4 definitions by yet2bedefined

Partaking in things that would be considered otherwise unpartakable.
Randy was kicked out the classroom for smozing with his soda can.
by yet2bedefined April 05, 2010
The epitome of awesome. Everyone want to be this. YOU want to be this. Really, you don't? Too bad, you do. Something that is totally swank is cooler than ice, cooler than the cool side of the pillow, cooler than the sound of Samuel L. Jackson's voice. You have not lived until you are totally swank.
You are not totally swank.
by yet2bedefined April 28, 2010
My neighbor was liek in a total nerdrage after he caught be actively borrowing his internetz.
by yet2bedefined November 17, 2010
A 4chan raid on Rebecca Black, the infamous thirteen year-old who wreaked havoc on the world with her music video Friday, commonly believed to be a mash-up of sound recordings from Hell. As of March 29, 2011, her video has been pulled off of YouTube.
1) Check out the Photos section on Rebecca Black's Facebook page from Operation Black Friday.
2) Awe at all of the hentai, furry, and gore.
3) Fap vigorously.
4) ?????????
by yet2bedefined March 29, 2011