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2 definitions by yellow ninja

A syndrome where someone who, although experienced, will never become good at a game. They may play for a long time and get a few good rounds here and there, but for the most part, no matter how hard they try, they will never surpass newb level.
"Dude, you are horrible at this game. How long have you been playing?"
"A long time. I suffer from perma-newb syndrome"
by Yellow ninja March 07, 2013
A fuck up. This term is usually used when one makes a mistake. Almost parallel to the phrase "My bad," except far more superior. At times 'garcas' can also be used to substitute 'cool' or 'awesome' depending on the situation.
I forgot to wear my pants today. What a garcas!
Did you see that kid get knifed in the face? Totally garcas!
by yellow ninja December 15, 2005