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A car that was originally made for the FEMALE secretary so she could have an affordable sports car. So yes, deny it all you want but it's a girl's car. The men that decide to drive these cars like to pull up to other cars (usually what they call"ricers") or any other cars that are obviously slower than them and rev their engines and try to race them. It makes no since why they think they have to race slower cars, but it's probably because they're too scared to race anyone that could beat them.
2 guys in Ford Mustang: "Pull up next to that 4 cylinder Honda Civic (not tricked out or anything) and let's race them!"

**pulls up and the driver of the Honda Civic ends up being a young chick or an elderly woman**

**guys in the Mustang peel out when the light turns green and take off down the road looking stupid**
#ford mustang #chick car #dousche car #looks fast but not fast #american made ricer #domestic ricer
by YeahItsMe July 03, 2013
a girl who is in8th grade, who is obsessed with abercrombie, hollister, dick's sporting goods, and other stores at crocker park, and other malls, and has some good friends, and her friends call her, her lastname. And has friends who talk about sheeb, and foopas alot
Laura: BURKES!!!!!!!
Alexandra: Hi

Cecile:hey whats Burkes's lastname

Olivia: Burkes is her lastname, duhhh

Cecile: o yeah, hahaha
#sheeb #foopas #alexandra #burkes #hollister
by yeahitsme November 21, 2007
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