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a girl you can count on for anything in the world you could possibly need as long as there is no money involved ,but can also ignore you when you need her the most and will not realize it until it is to late,but some times she will do the right thing and stay with you till the end,,,,you can find a tayloexon in eny middle,high,or elementary school in the world,....but the beast one is always going to be your beast friend.....
a beast friend ,, a mom,, a sister ,, some one always there for you!!! (those are the real tayloexons in the world)
by yaya-its-meme December 31, 2009
yummers is what ppl say when they are bord to tears with you and will say enything to get rid of you or just make you shut up....
(yummers) sea queen123-i got alot of math homework

pink star159-oh yummers
by yaya-its-meme December 29, 2009

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