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1 definition by yay1234567890

A college that has so few black people, you can get a full scholarship if admissions cant pronounce your first name. There are more white people here with shitty earings than a gay pride parade. The school takes pride in its shovel collection, which, if its new catholic agenda goes through, will be used to dig its own grave.

it is home to father cregan, an evil dictator who hates condoms, beer and fun. he has a dungeon full of puppies and is holding them until the one day when he will take pictures with them and release it as a calender.

It has also been recognized in the US world and news as the regional head quarters for dumb bitches. A rarity in other parts of the world, you can hardly go anywhere without seeing a plastic faced girl wearing a northface jackets, ugg booth and furiously texting "wtf" to her bff about her bf.

In a vast effort to increase its diversity, stonehill in its new plan, is now very eager to accept people who have missing or non working limbs. As part of the plan,they get free tuition just as long as they smile.

Stonehill is a great place. Their official slogan is "COME HERE WE HAVE MUTHAFUCKING TREES!"
Student: "I go to Stonehill College."

Statistician: I see a high probability that you are white, rich and mentally handicapped.
by yay1234567890 March 12, 2009