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1. a boy who quits hockey for golf.

2. a large man who enjoys pleasuring himself to golf brochures.

3. a young man with an ego too big for his body.

4. a sexy beast who enjoys late evenings on the phone with men.

5. commonly referred to as homosexual, fag, queen, and on the odd occasion, crossdresser.

6. someone whos chirps are weak as shit. also , usually enjoys spending friday nights chirping girls.
"mom why is that man dressed like a woman? " , " oh dont worry hun.. its just a marrone"

"honey, those golfing brochures are getting a little sticky.. you're not beoming a marrone are you ?!?!"

" wow this guy just cant let shit go, clearly a marrone."
by yahhhhhyyahhhhbittchhhhyahhhhh August 14, 2009

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