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Your Mother. Used by Scousers and northerners on Bully Victims, or as a quick comeback to anything or everything.

North west of England in the year '22' when a Scouser known as Smigga, turned to Jesus on his UK tour and asked where he was the night earlier. Jesus said, ''Manchester... it was hell mint'' and being the polite guy he was, he turned and asked back, "you?"

Of course he knew he was going to say having intercourse with your mother, so he stopped the little bastard mid-sentence and crippled his nipple with his LASER EYES

the reply:

"shaggin ya maaaAAAAHHH!"

it caught on.
True story.
Bully: ay kid. Ya ma eats out of wheelie bins...
Kid: :(

Pete Price: YOU PEASANT!!
Scouser: pete.. Ya ma.
by ya maa on toast June 23, 2009

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