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A place in Los Angeles county where the people there are very wealthy and stuck up. The kids all wear designer clothes such as rock & republic, true religion, juicy couture, and betsey johnson. Often the houses are massive and even more expensive because it costs a fortune to live in La Canada because the school district is good. LCE (la canada elementary) is the second best elementary school in california, and LCHS (la canada high school) is the third best high school in california. The people there are very shallow, and lead very sheltered lives, and have no idea what the real world is like. Most la canada kids have no idea what they have and claim they are poor even though they are no where near it. People become bored so the moms have gossip circles where all they do is talk about kids and spread rumers and then the kids want to retaliate but don't know how so they gossip about the parents in their circles. Many familys are broken because the father often doesnt have time for the family because he is forced to work to support their huge family and wife who sits on her ass and gets her nails done and goes shopping all day. Children and teens there hate their lives because they are so boring so they find things to do, often smoke. There are lots of drugs in la canada and many kids get high when their lives arent going the way they want and la canada kids also have the money to buy the drugs weather they steel the mony from their parents or their parents give them the money. No one knows where la canada is so you have to tell people that its near pasadena, and no one understands how bad la candada is.
-I met these stuck up bitches at the mall, they were hot but mann they were vicious.
-I bet those bitches were from La canada Flintrage
by ya im from lc April 22, 2009

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