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The act of once finishing a sexual partner in a bathroom, you announce you will return shortly, further proceeding to lock the doors, trapping your partner (victim). After this you immediately gas the bathroom, killing your partner.
"Ya boi just Dachau'd that bitch son!"
"Hey I totally hate that bitch, so I'll just Dachau her tonight!"
"I've finally ended things with Lisa after Dachauing her yesterday!"
by Ya boi August 08, 2012
Another word for a crackhead. Usually seen walking fast down the street in order to get their rocks.
Every town, city, state got a basin.
by ya boi May 26, 2005
So fucked up u can't open your eyes
See gone
Dat nigga don' hit da drank, blazed fo' blunts now that nigga can't open his eyes. He paralyzed.
by ya boi May 26, 2005

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