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A Korean man/woman with an excessive or stingy temper. It is commonly believed that when dating a Korean with an unstable temper, they will eventually turn into a dragon and blow up because their hearts are made up of radioactive Uranium 192. There is a way to prevent stingy Koreans from turning into dragons, but it involves a lot of time, patience, and money. Eventually it's not worth it, and most people settle for lower maintenance friends or significant others.
Dragons are usually most suitable to watch from afar, in case they explode.
"A : She's hot.
B: Dude, she's a dragon. It's not worth dating her, she'll blow up because of the radioactive U-192 inside her. Don't get close.
A: Really? Aww, i'll just have to stalk her then
B: Mmhmm"
by xynree December 27, 2008
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