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1. Get with the Program
2. Gouge with Passion
3. Gay Wolf Pron
4. Guys Want Pussy
5. Gays Want Pen0rs
6. Guys with Pussies
7. Groping with Passion
8. Guess Who's a Pedophile!?
1: Hey dude, GWP
2. When I cut people's faces open, I like to GWP
3. Furries fap to GWP
4. All GWP
5. GWP because they're gay
6. Herms are GWP
7. GWP is a PDA
8. You're the next contestant on GWP!?
by Xtreme2252 December 11, 2010
Too Long (For Urban Dictionary)
xtreme2252: I wonder what funny stuff I can find!

"World of Warcraft

A game created in....by Blahblahblizzard. Users can play as.... You go around looking for quests and... The controls are right click everything... and there are 10,364,932 users as of 18/12/10 18:52 PST.... Most users will often also enjoy bedpans and not having a life...There's a new expansion called Cataclysm in which the target audience is furries...I used to play WoW for like a few years, but then... and my friends play it lots too..."

xtreme2252: tl(fud)
by Xtreme2252 December 18, 2010
An expansion to World of Whorecrack that adds cat people, or "furries" as often known to the characters the player can choose, as well as "Whoregen," a species of slutty werewolves who love you long time. For all you normal people out there, just consider it the best thing since the military invented AIDS, since it keeps all the dorks and furries off the streets and quarantined the drama to the goddamn piece of bull game. Also see George Fisher.
Furry2252: So, do you think WoW: Cataclysm is awesome, or what?
AverageCoolWoWFAG28: Fuck you, furry!
by Xtreme2252 December 11, 2010
short for Massive Male Orgy
MMO's are gay
by Xtreme2252 September 07, 2009
The theory that rubbing two cats together will cause an earthquake on the other side of the world. Not to be confused with the popular furry video game, WoW: Cataclysm
If you rub two cats together, crazy stuff happens on the other side of the world (CATaclysm)
by Xtreme2252 April 10, 2011
Acronym for "For The Wolf", coined by Amir Blumenfeld of CollegeHumor's "Jake and Amir". Amir got Jake a wolf as a holiday present, then got a collar "for the wolf" the next year.
Jake: "What is that?"
Amir: "It's a collar"
Jake: "For what?"
Amir: "For the wolf! For FTW."
Jake: "I don't have the wolf anymore, okay?"
Amir: "For the, it's FTW. For the wolf."
Jake: "The wolf's dead. They euthanized it in my apartment. You wanna dig it up? For the wolf?"
Amir: "...for the epic wolf"
by Xtreme2252 August 08, 2010
Someone, typically a male, who is completely unattractive in every way, shape, and form.
That guy is so handnone.
by Xtreme2252 December 27, 2012

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