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The subject of a potential relationship that, if pursued, would only result in failure and drama. Usually female, but can also be male.

Failbait will typically be impartial to or encourage a relationship, usually under inconvenient circumstances. The relationship will end poorly, if it even gets off the ground.

Similar in usage to jailbait, but without the underage or incarceration aspect. Since going to jail would be considered a failure in most circles, jailbait is a more specific form of failbait.

Failbait differs from cocktease in that the subject isn't intentionally malicious or deceiving.
What? She likes you now, after all these years? She's failbait... she doesn't know what she wants.

She's with a new guy every month. Don't fall for that failbait.

Dude, you already have a hot girlfriend who understands you. Why are you obsessing over failbait?
by xtravar April 08, 2008
A euphemism for getting called out or rejected for something asinine - usually a rule with no real consequences, other than having to re-do or correct something. Usually used in work contexts with vague 'office space' terminology.

The phrase's roots stem from minor car scratches or 'dings'. Minor annoyances that do not affect the performance of the car whatsoever.
"We got dinged for not testing this obvious workflow."

"They're going to ding us if we don't submit an approval form first."

"I was dinged when we played Jeopardy for not phrasing the answer in the form of a question."
by xtravar August 19, 2009

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