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1 definition by xoxhudaxox

teh jonas brothers are a boy band, with 3 brothers{kevin,21, joe,18, and nick,16.
the jonas brothers are not like most disney stars they are decent. but like people going crazy over them is just retarded. Nick was dignoised with diabetes at 13 years old. the song"a little bit longer" was about his diabetes which is an ok song but like seriously people crying over it is fucked up. Seriously he is not the only one with diabetes in the world. besides he has type1 diabetes people have even worse so teh people crying over him could just shut the fuck up he is not the only one with dibetes. And kevin is just way 2 old 2 be a disney star and he might just turn out gay.
person1; Hey did u see the jonas brothers yesturday on disney.
person2: hell no they suck and what the hell is up with their pants im mean seriously girl i dont even wear jeans that tight.
by xoxhudaxox January 03, 2009