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Basically scene girls are all the same! They have the same hair, same, clothes, same pictures, and the same photoshop skills.
-They use big words only scene people know about
-They all have a HxC myspace with DIV layouts
-They are good with computers (photoshop, html, etc)
-They love dinosaurs and robots and random objects
-They are usually vegetarians
-They use the words rawr, bang, HxC, omfg, niggz, glamour, and other random phrases
-They all think they're original with their writing, pictures, style, but really they are all the exact same

-side bangs with multi colours and choppy layers
-skinny jeans
-stud belt or big buckles
-likes polka dots
-ballet flats, converse, or wedge heels
-headbands, pearls, little bows and sex bracelets
-big sunglasses
-takes many pictures with every angle you can think of with random facial expressions
-likes photoshopping HxC!
Here is an example of a typical scene girl's myspace "about me" section.

I'm a vegetarian, I don't have a religion, and I probably won't fit in with you. I'm an outsider and it's hard for me to find someone who I can stand more than a few days. I seldom get very close to someone, but when I do it lasts forever. I'm odd and never fit in and maybe I never will but I'm alright with that. I love who I am and I'm not changing for anyone or anything. I'm shy but you just have to give me time to warm up to you and then I have no boundaries, hah.
SOOOOO SUP. I'm pretty rad.

*taken from an actual myspace
by xo.laura123 June 02, 2007

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